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Title: Isaac Steuart
Post by: fazli on July 29, 2009, 09:47:16 AM
Isaac James Steuart, from Canada, born 24 Sep 1972, son of Michael James Stewart & Linda Anne Erdmann (Canada), is visiting Sri lanka on Sep 22, 2009. he hopes to stay at my place at Kalubowila although I will not be in Sri Lanka from Sep 23, 2009 onwards. His paternal Grandparents are Hugh James William Stewart & Thelma Ruby Chalon. Great Grandparents Ronald James Stewart & Winifred Harvey (2nd bed). Ronalds parents were James Charles Stewart & Eva Alice Swan (2nd bed). James was the son of George Stewart & Alice Matilde Dickman and George's parents were Captian James Stewart, born 19 Dec 1794 & Sarah Tissera (married 1825).

Isaac is interested in meeting people who may have links to his ancestors and also information about them and their lives in Ceylon. Please contact me at:-

fazlis@gmail.com or contact Isaac directly at:-


Apparently the spelling of STEWART and STEUART refer to one and the same family back in Ceylon in the old times.

Title: Re: Isaac Steuart
Post by: lauza on September 20, 2009, 11:47:35 PM
Hi there

 i have been working on the Steuart/ Stewart tree with Isaac

There were the six Steuart boys at the beginning  as given in the Tomstone book

 Capt James Steuart  14 aug 1790 - 4 apr 1870 
born in Greenwich, Kent England  and went back there  and died 
he was married to  Ann Cullen  29 jul 1815
( now to find their kids)

William Steuart  25 sep 1783 - 20 Apr 1841   married a native girl  and had Sophia who married John Marshall

Capt James Steuart  that married Sarah Tissera       (our Ancestor)

Robert  Abt 1790- 5 Nov 1849

Joseph Steuart 1799- 9 Apr 1843  (who took over from James ) after he died George took over to make it George Steuart and Co..

George Steuart  1 May 1808  Dover   8 Jul 1898 Dover  married Elizabeth Mary Drewsnap  died 15 Apr 1847 Galle Face Ceylon

PARENTS  ==  parents given as Joseph and Hannah

I found James Stueart (1790- 1870) marriage through his wife's sister  as they were living together in 1861..  He also made a will  mentioning 2 sisters

i have to find the will and the 2 sister's now

 in ponderence here

 2 James Steuart's in the 1 family   4 yrs apart that lived on to a merry life

there are records of James 1790---
but yet to find our Jame's records


Hope George Steuart and Co record can help