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Title: Serendipity and Pure Ceylon Tea,
Post by: Huzefa Asgarally on March 30, 2010, 04:52:10 PM
Serendipity, an acrostic poem on PEACE returning to our small tropical Island of Sri Lanka; in tribute to Tea Industry's role in sustaining Sri Lanka's economy during challenging times;
S erendipity thy nature,
   has returned to our Isle,
E nduring the rapture,
   of victroy's rile,
R elentless is thy mystery,
   of those finds,
E ach corner has a sanctuary
   of peace for its minds,
N estling thy neighbours,
   with peace and tranquility,
D istancing the vendors,
   of hatred and instability,
I n you our Isle of paradise,
   one now finds,
P eace, sans terror's vice,
  and love of all kinds,
I n you our Isle of serendipity,
   one finds in each corner,
T ales of yesteryears tragedy,
   in hearts of their mother,
Y et thy return to our Isle,
   brings to all of us but a smile.[/i]

By Huzefa Asgarally AbdulHussain.
25th August 2009.