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Title: The Continuing History posted by Ian Gardner
Post by: admin on August 09, 2008, 06:20:02 PM

Bearing in mind that history is being made all the time I would like to suggest that we connect the history we are trying to establish here with the history being made at present and into the future. I suggest we bring into the Planters' Register current PDs and SDs and, where estate details are concerned, include information such as e.g. Radella [incorporating Wangie Oya (as I believe is now the case)]. This will not only bring records up to date but also facilitate communication between present and past PDs and/or SDs, possibly even in regard to agricultural practices etc. many of which may heve been lost in the last forty years or so.

Who knows, some present day planter may want to have his say to one of his distant predecessors whose workers, years ago, buried in the field the painstakingly dug up cootch grass rather than cart it to the roads for removal [Note: I found this happenning on an estate I once took over and needless to say it ceased immediately!], with the consequence that the present incumbent is still trying to eradicate it!

Jokes apart, I think this would be an emphatic positive to this website but it does raise the question of how many current estates, or PDs and/or SDs, use computers and have access to the internet.

Ian Gardner