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Title: Coping with the General Strike c. 1960
Post by: Ian Gardner on December 24, 2008, 01:40:28 AM
Two anecdotes relating to strategy in the circumstances!

1. One planter was driving his then girlfriend around the estate when she noticed the large number painted on the roof of the factory and asked, 'What is that number for?' The laconic answer, "Oh, that is in case anyone steals the factory' was, as far as one can gather, accepted without question.

2. Two erstwhile friends whose bungalows were only a couple of hundred metres apart, and between whose estates and the town was a bridge, were concerned that their supply of arrack during the impending period of no work would run out if the bridge were blown up, so they decided to lay in an adequate stock - and did so on the basis that the strike would last about a month. Unexpectedly the strike was over in a day and, much to the dismay of the wife of one of these intrepid characters, set to, over the coming weeks, to resolve the problem of overstocking by consuption.