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1  SEARCH & RESEARCH QUERIES / Historical research & queries / Heirarchy on tea estates and other matters on: September 01, 2010, 06:35:19 AM
Grateful for answers to the following pretty basic questions:

If the superintendent of an estate was known as the periya dorai, was an assistant known simply as a dorai?

What are the exact translations of the two words?

How old was an assistant when he went on his first Home leave?

Is it true that assistants were not encouraged to marry before they went on their first home leave?

In terms of status, who was higher, an estate superintendent or  the owner's agent?

Many thanks
2  SEARCH & RESEARCH QUERIES / Historical research & queries / The Bracegirdle Incident on: June 28, 2010, 01:23:43 AM
I am about to visit Sri Lanka to research a book on the Bracegirdlge Incident of 1936-37. Mark Anthony Lyster Bracegirdle was a young Australian who arrived in Ceylon in 1936.  He was a creeper under superintendant HD THomas at Relugas at Madukellle, near Matale, 90 miles from Colombo.   Appalled at the conditions under which the Tamil estate workers were enduring, he joined the  nascent Socialist Party and began agitating on heir behalf. He was promptly sacked and in late 1936, the British attempted moved against him. The Governor, Sir REginald Stubbs, ordered his deportation He was detained, but escaped and went into hiding. Bracegirdle's supporters won a case of Habeas Corpus brought on his behalf in the Supreme Court and he became a cause celebre for the nationalist cause in Celyon.

I am most keen to find any documents that might exist in unofficial archives that might refer to Bracegirdle, the controversy he caused and its aftermath , which included an official report on the constitutionality of  the actions taken against him. 

Can anyone help?
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