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1  GENERAL / Reminiscing / Re: The Kellys of Killarney on: February 06, 2011, 06:11:12 PM
I left planting after almost 8 years for pastures new in 1999. . I’m Shiyam Mohamed Sameen and I’m currently living in London, England with my family.The time I spend in the plantations are the best memories and I cherish every bit of it. I would like to make contact with the ex and current planters across the globe. Please feel to contact me.

I came across this postings quite by accident and I was thrilled to share some of my memories from the time at this wonderful place. After completing my time as a “Creeper” I was posted to Theresia Estate on my first appointment. Killarney was part of the division of Theresia which I was give to manage. I still remember the Superintendent who drove me in his jeep from the main office to my division to show me the bungalow, which I will be living. I saw this beautiful bungalow amidst the thick forest appear and it was simply amazing. I was waiting for the jeep to stop and expected to be shown the bungalow. But the jeep carried on down the hill and stopped at a much small cottage like structure. It was such a disappointment after seeing the magnificent Killarney big bungalow. The year was  1992 which was the year all the state plantations were privatised and I have been told the company has plans to make it as a holiday bungalow for directors.  Once this plan was shelved in few months I was asked to move into the Killarney bungalow which I did not hesitate.

The place has been neglected as it has not been lived in for quite along time. It took me over a years to get the lawn re-planted and get the surrounding cleaned up. I discovered this new route to the entry into the front porch of the bungalow via the forest. There was so much more work required to get the place up to the former glory, however it was an eternal struggle to get any funds particularly from the new owners.

When I was living there the stuffed birds and horns and photographs of Kelly  was still there. The old office room still had old the old books and records running back to early days.

I did not experience of any ghost in the bungalow, the only thing I was worried about was that there was this massive tree very close the bungalow which was tied with a thick metal cable to the rock close by. My bed was in its path if it is to ever came down, and would have taken the whole bungalow with it.

I was intrigued about this place and always wanted to know the history of this place. I left Killarney and moved to the adjoining Kirkowald Estate in 1995.

Michael, I wish you all the very best in your project and there is no doubt that it will be an excellent read.
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