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Author Topic: Planters Register posted by the Editor  (Read 5730 times)
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« on: August 09, 2008, 06:20:42 PM »



Dear folks,

If you have any difficulties filling in the planters registration form, please feel free to email me with your planting history and I will have this information uploaded into the register.

The information fields required for each estate assignment are:

Period - from which year to which
Name of Estate
Your Designation
Managing Agent

I would also welcome details of planters who are no longer with us but whose families may be able to provide some detail.

I look forward to your support in making the Planters Register as comprehensive as possible.

Thank you & best wishes,

David Colin-Thome

RE: Planters Register vigej 14/02/06 14:06

Dear Sir,

Let me introduce myself:My name is Vige Bede-johnpillai.Working in Azerbaijan for The German Technical Cooperation in the 'Tea Sector Rehabilitation Project'.This is my second year in Azerbaijan and must confess that it is a challanging experience.

You are embarking on a remarkable project!Whislt thanking you,I would like to wish you all the very best.

Well,I started my Planting Career on Mahadowa Estate,Madulsima in March 1973 with M/s Scottish Tea & Lands Ltd. and ended it on Dambatenne Estate,Haputale in Feb.2005 with M/s.Lankem Plantations Ltd..I will send the details of the Estates that I worked for soon.

With Best wishes,
Yours Truly,
Vige Bede-Johnpillai.

RE: Planters Register Editor 14/02/06 15:15

Hi Vige,

Many thanks for your post and compliments. I certainly look forward to receiving your planting history to add to our list.

By the way, are you the big-hitting old Joe that I recall as a 9 or 10 year old? While our national cricket team have recently exceded expectations in Australia, they certainly could use one of you in the last 5 overs or so Vige!

Good to hear from you.

Kind regards,
David Colin-Thome

RE: Planters Register cubby 15/02/06 10:56

my name is cubby wijetunge.planred on glenalmond aranayake from nov '57 to june 60 and then joined george steuarts agency starting on URY passara in 1961 and retired from Palmgarden Ratnapura as Manager cun Visiting Agent in 1973. I then joined whittalls estates&Agency,as a Director in 1974 and also took over Elephant House,CEO on behalf of Whitall Boustead who were appointed Managing Agent of Ceylon Cold Stores.Since 1983, todate i am Director Corporate Affairs of Nestle Lanks ltd,whilst also being Chairman and non executive directors on a few blue chip boards.

RE: Planters Register Trilby Reimers 19/02/06 06:50

Hello, My late Father John Cecil Hayward was a tea planter and was SD (then acting PD) on Great Western Estate Talawakelle in the 1950's and later he was transferred as PD to Morar Estate Bogowantalawa and was there until we migrated to Australia in 1964. He always talked about a friend of his Rex Colin Thome and I was wondering if you are related to him? Also my grandfather Edward Walter Thompson started his planting at Hilton Estate and later managed Walahanduwa Estate.

RE: Planters Register Editor 19/02/06 11:02

Hello Trilby,

Rex Colin-Thome is a first cousin of my father. Rex I understand ran a popular guest house in Bandarawela in the 50s and therefore must have been well known to many planters of the day. He migrated to Canada in the late 50s and passed away some 15 or so years ago.

By the way, do you have any pictures of your father & grandfather during their times as planters that you would like to add to the HOCT 'Photo Album' when it gets off the ground shortly? Please email me if you do and if you would like to submit them.

Kind regards,
David Colin-Thome

RE: Planters Register Fazli Sameer 20/02/06 15:07


David, You may find it interesting to browse through the late Wendy Winter's website and her story about the "Golden Falcon" which has many an interesting tale about Pillagoda Valley Plantations in Ceylon where her paternal ancestors were planters.


Further you may also read about the WINTER family genealogy, which contains pictures of several Winter generations, at



Fazli Sameer

RE: Planters Register Editor 21/02/06 23:32

Hello Fazli,

Thank you for this information. I did browse through the Wendy Winter site though not in great detail due to its extensive size. But it indeed appears most interesting and I will run through it with a finer tooth comb over the coming days.

I am elated that HOCT has the potential to present greater value to the visitor beyond the history of Ceylon tea, but also the genealogical element, which more often than not, clearly share an intertwined history.

HOCT will only be richer for it.

Thank you Fazli.

Kind regards,
David Colin-Thome

RE: Planters Register cominc@rogers.com 19/04/06 16:47


PHAN Dias who started planting as an employee of the CTP Co. could not have been 'creeping' for 2 years! His registration shows he was 'creeping' from 1957 to 1959.!! You may need to ask Phan for his comments, and advise him that Ian Gardner aslo noticed this!!!

This site makes interesting reading for old fogeys like me. Keep up the good work.

Thanks and regards


RE: Planters Register Editor 20/04/06 11:23

Hi Kumar,

Thank you. Spoke to Phan and cleared the matter up and his entry has been updated.

Its a pity that Phan is not 'online' because he is excited to hear that all his former colleagues are gathering on this site. Unfortunately my phone bills are going up telling him all about it!

Thanks for the pointer Kumar.

David Colin-Thome

RE: Planters Register David Schokman 28/04/06 21:58

Today was my first visit to the register and was disappointed to find what a short list we had. maybe each one of us can encourage a friend to include their details. If you do not want to be contacted by old friends leave your e-mail address out. Just noticed that mine was missing it is lizaline@bigpond.net.au

I read PHAN's poem and it brought back memories. I started in Kahawatte , on Endane Estate. Sam Watt was my boss. There was no bungalow for me on Endane so the first 6 months was spent on the rubber division bungalow on Houpe. My brother Larry was next door and was a great help to a greenhorn SD.

Our club was Pelmadulla and the the large estates, Wellandura, Houpe and Opata had a keen bunch of S.D's who did a lot for the club. They were called the W.H.O. Those were happy days. Where is Stanley de Silva, Elmo Rodrigo, Aubrey Deutrom, lal De Silva, Deva Wijetunga and the Munaweera boys. They were babies then!

I hope that this keeps going because we have all lost touch with friends as so many of us have moved away from our home to foreign lands.

From Deva Wijetunge Fazli Sameer 05/05/06 13:23


Received from Deva through Charitha in Colombo: May 5 2006

Please forward to Mr. Charitha Ratwatte

Yes, I do know David Shockman - he lives in Perth. We worked together on Endane Estate, Kahawatta many moons ago!

I am hoping to be in Australia for month from the 13th May and will try and get in touch with David through his email address.

Will also contact Tim Medhurst of OB Australia and meet up if possible.


Deva Wijetunge
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