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Author Topic: Daniel Spencer Burke posted by Glenorah  (Read 8441 times)
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« on: August 09, 2008, 06:33:10 PM »


RE: Planters Register glen 16/10/06 18:08

I am searching for information of my grandfather Daniel Spencer Burke, who was resident Tea Maker on Ouvahkelle Estate, Lindulla. He married my g/mother Lily Patterson - daughter of Thomas Patterson, Conductor on Holmwood Estate, Agrapatnas - in April 1907. My family has a photograph of the wedding party taken in the grounds of Holmwood Estate. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

RE: Planters Register M.W. COOKE 24/10/06 12:22

Re: Ouvahkelle.

I was browzing through the "History of Ceylon Tea" when I came accross your e-mail addressed to the editor.

My Uncle Horace was on Ouvahkelle in the early 1960"s having taken over from Ken Peddie. It was after the Velliekelle Tea Company sold the property to the Glasgow Tea Company which was managed by Whittal Bousted Ltd (later Whittals Estates & Agencies). My Uncle was the Senior Assistant Superintendent at Ouvahkelle which was overlooked by the Superintendent of Glasgow - Mike Horsefall at first and Freddie Jacob who succeeded him.

Hubert Patterson was on Ouvahkelle at the time of the sale. He then moved to Mansfield Lodge Trincomalee. I went to the estate with Nigel Knight whose forebears knew the Patterson Family very well. Rohan Weerakone was the Superintendent. Ouvahkelle bungalow was sans most of its period furniture. The outer walls that were in gerernium were painted in cream. The copper ceiling in the sitting room was painted in white. I will send you some photographs of the Bungalow via e-mail within the course of the week.


Michael Cooke.

RE: Planters Register glen 24/10/06 16:57

Via Editor

Re: Ouvahkelle Tea Estate

Thank you Michael, for the interesting feedback. Yes, I am aware of Hubert (sometimes known as Herbert?) Patterson, a close relative of Thomas Patterson - who was the father-in-law of Daniel Burke. Your description of the bungalow at Ouvakelle leaves me yearning to see the photographs. Am so looking forward to it.

Another matter of interest to me is your surname. Interestingly, Thomas Patterson's son George Patterson (who was an SD) married Sibyl Cooke - I am guessing in the mid or early 1940s. She was the daughter of Dr. Cooke, a well known surgeon at the time.

There is a photograph of Daniel Burke and Miss Lily Patterson's wedding in the Photo Album section of this site. You may recognise some of the names ... or perhaps even faces?

Kind regards,

RE: Planters Register M.W. COOKE 25/10/06 11:45

Dear Glenorah,

Thank you for your response to my e-mail of 24.10.2006.

My grandfather H.V. Cooke (Snr) was planting on Agra-Elbedde Estate Agrapatana for 49 years. His mother was the Matron at Gampola, Hospital. There was a seperation in Grand dad's family consequent to the premature demise of his father. Grand dad was brought up by Trinity College in Kandy and took to planting on leaving school. He had his mother on Agra-Elbedde with him until she subsequently passed away.

The Cooke's belong to two Nationalities. One is to the Jaffna Tamil and the other is the Eurasian. I am a Eurasian by descent. I wonder whether Dr. Cooke belonged to the Eurasian Nationality? I have heard of his daughter Sybil.

I will send you the photographs taken of Ouvahkelle this afternoon once I lay my hands on the scanner.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,


RE: Planters Register glen 25/10/06 18:10

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your reply and also the precious photographs of Ouvakelle. With your permission, may I submit them to the Editor for preserving on the Photo Album site?

Regarding the Cookes, Sybil (nee Cooke) Patterson's family too came from a tea planting background. They too were Eurasian. In fact Sybil's grandmother was an Irish lady - a Miss Enright.
( The family had a close connection to the late S.W.R.D Bandaranaike and some of his family. Aunt Sybil and her husband Uncle George (Patterson) and family lived with us from time to time, and I recollect Mr Bandaranaike visiting her!) Does any of this info sound familiar?

With heartfelt thanks for your kind interest.


RE: Planters Register Michael Cooke 26/10/06 10:39

Dear Gelnorah,

Thank you for your e-mail of 25.10.2006.

Yes, you can most certainly send in the photographs to the editor. I will also be sending him some photographs which includes 2 of Ouvahkellie. I will send you copy of my e-mail to him (with the pictures)

I have 2 albums which house plantation photographs exclusively. When you do come on a holiday to Sri-Lanka you are welcome to spend a few days with us. I will show you some of the plantation memorabilia that I have.

My address in SL is 64 B/4 Hantana Housing Scheme, Kandy and our telephone number at home is 081-2218817. My address at office is Central Finance Company Ltd., 84 Raja Veediya, Kandy and you can reach me on the Telephone - Numbers 081-2230110 or the gemeral line which is 081-2227000.

Thank you for up dating me with the information regarding Syibil Cooke. I do not know them but they may be relatives.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


RE: Planters Register glen 26/10/06 16:58

Dear Michael,

Sincere thanks to you for your quick reply, the interesting array of photos and much appreciated generous offer. I will most certainly meet up with you if or when I do come over to SL on holiday, or for family research purposes. Shall keep you informed when I am ready to embark on such an adventure!

May I also take this opportunity to ask you, or any other browsers of this marvellous site (thanks Editor!), for any information on Dickbeda Estate, Badulla (possibly coffee?) - where a grand-aunt K. Burke (she later married H. Joseph) was born in the late 1850s - and also Mahawela Group, Ulapana, which has been referred to as another place of my grandfather D. S. Burke's Planting/Tea Making employment. Any information, however insignificant, will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


RE: Planters Register glen 26/10/06 17:18

Dear Editor,

A small amendment to my previous posting, which contains an error. It wasn't my aunt K. Burke who was born on Dickbeda Estate in 1858, but her sister Louisa B. Burke.

With apologies,


RE: Planters Register glen 31/10/06 07:21

Dear Editor,

We have since traced my grandfather Dan Burke - thanks to the availability of the Ferguson's Dorectory of 1912 on the HOCT site - when he was a Planter on Spring Valley Estate, Badulla.

I am hoping that either you, or Mr. Michael Cooke - who has been of immense help - or any other browser of your site, would be able to provide me with any information on the history of Spring Valley.

In appreciation.


RE: Planters Register Michael Cooke. 31/10/06 09:31

Dear Glenorah,

I have a brief History of Spring Valley at home which I will e-mail you tomorrow together with a photograph of the bungalow. I trust that somebody will be able to provide us with information that is indept.



Hubert Paterson knightmail 22/07/07 14:39

I have only just found this site and read it with interest.

I fear, however that Gelnorah is mistaken. Hubert Paterson (only one 't'Wink was of Scottish descent and was most definitely not Eurasion. His family originated in Scotland as I said - his father was ........... and his mother Fanny (after whom his beloved motor cruiser which he kept at Mansfield Lodge, Plantain Point, Trincomalee was named. His brother Charles was also a planter. They had connections with Allegolla as well as Ouvakellie. I spent time as a boy at both plantations during the 1950's.

I have many photographs taken during the 50's as well as some modern ones taken at the time of the visit with Micheal Cooke. I will - when I have the time scan these and make them available.
Nigel Knight

RE: Planters Register knightmail 06/08/07 09:15

Just an addition to my previous posting about Hubert Paterson. Hs father was John Mansfield Paterson of Alloa Scotland where he is buried. His mother, Fanny is buried in the churchyard at Kandy along with his brother and other members of the family. Hubert was a lifelong bachelor.

RE: Planters Register knightmail 09/08/07 09:06

Correction to my previous message - the Patersons are not buried in Kandy but in Nuwara Eylia Churchyard.
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